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Drake has got the world’s most impressive UK Swiss Rolex Day-Date Replica watch collection

Canadian rapper Drake has a lot of things including luxury replica watches. He owns one of the finest mansions Architectural Digest has ever decided to give us a tour of, holds the record for the most top ten hits on the Billboard Hot 100 and has a stellar car collection, consisting of everything from a Bugatti Veyron to a steel-grey Lamborghini Aventador Roadster.

He also has one of the best and, more than likely, most expensive watch collections on the planet. For Drake, nothing is off limits. Diamonds, jewels and crystals are this man’s best friend (just take a look at his jewellery collection) and his gaudy horological trove is reflective of that. With super-exclusive custom Rolex copy and Audemars Piguet creations, he’s got a line-up that we could only dream of owning and not because we don’t earn enough to cop any of them, but because they’ve been designed specifically for him.

Without further ado, below are some of the best he’s worn over the years.
Rolex x Chrome Hearts Day Date Just

While cruising around in his Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Landaulet (naturally) earlier this year Drake gave us a glimpse of his eye-catching Rolex x Chrome Hearts model. Flashy and unaffordable for the rest of us, the custom Rolex Day-Date fake with diamonds paved bezel features a polished gold face and hands and silver case encrusted with baguette-cut diamonds.

What makes it totally unique is that Rolex’s presidential chain has been replaced with an extravagant Chrome Hearts-designed gold number (remember when Matt LeBlanc wore an OTT Chrome Hearts leather sling in 1996?), which has been dotted with bejewelled crosses.
Rolex Day-Date 40

Late in 2019 Drake brought “Hotline Bling” to life by wearing what was possibly the best watch we’d seen all year. Cast in 18-carat gold, Drake’s 40 mm replica Rolex Day-Date is an example of the Swiss brand’s prowess when it comes to metal manufacture.

Operating four different manufacturing foundries across the world, the Swiss brand creates its very own formulas for three different kinds of gold and its own formulation of 904L stainless steel. Even the hour markers have been fashioned from 18-carat gold to prevent tarnishing.