The Recommendation Of New Launched Cartier Replica Watches – Rotonde De Cartier Astromystérieux UK Copy Watches

Cartier fake watches unremitting pursuit of breakthrough in the field of advanced watchmaking and also created impressive results of 43 all-new movements in ten years. To implement this achievement in such a short time, it serves to show the great foresight of exquisite Cartier copy watches in the watchmaking field. Now, the new typical chronograph – Rotonde DE Cartier Astromysterieux fake watches is gorgeous debuting and again shows the endless charm of advanced watchmaking technology of Cartier.

More than one hundred years, UK Cartier copy watches use the mysterious aesthetic astonishingly…All this should speak from the mysterious clock. Mysterious clock is mysterious, because of its white gold and diamond built pointers just like suspended on the transparent clock body, and without any connection with the movement. As fashion magazine La Gazette du Bon Ton in 1925, the mysterious clock is a miracle in the history of clocks and watches, and also is best cooperation between Louis Cartier and outstanding master Maurice Couet, 1885-1963.

skeleton dial fake Rotonde De Cartier Astromystérieux

Mysterious Aesthetics Opens New Chapter

After the mysterious hour watches and the double tourbillon watches, precious Cartier fake watches revealed the white gold case Rotonde De Cartier Astromystérieux copy watches with the rotation escapement system. The mysterious aesthetic of Cartier had begun a new chapter. Everything with exquisite structure. Mysterious movement became apparent, almost like a dangling floating in the crust. In order to achieve a stunning visual effect, the movement of gear space reduced as much as possible. The 9462 MC movement is light and the axis consist of the escapement system, balance of balance wheel, the gear set and box spring.

black time scale copy Rotonde De Cartier Astromystérieux

Pioneering New Tourbillon

The operation principle of this mysterious tourbillon just like the traditional and traditional one, and the flywheel is not spinning frame of power from fixed gear which connected to the box spring. However, unlike the traditional tourbillon, the frame of this mysterious tourbillon using the center as a pivot and turning a circle per hour.